Assam Petroleum Ltd. is a Assam (India) -based Company registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956. It is one of the leading companies providing oil field services. Since its inception over a decade ago (since 1998), it accomplished a number of assignments under the national and international oil companies. The Company is well experienced in specialized oil field activities and has created a reservoir of technical and other resource persons with expertise in various fields. The Company is equipped to undertake multi-dimensional activities in O&M of Oil field installation including Drilling and Work over rigs, Electrical Submersible Pump, Centrifugal & Reciprocal pumps, Mud Filtration unit- Assembling, Servicing & Operation etc.


Through business excellence and high standards of Business Ethics and Organizational values we are committed to Industrial growth and development in Northeast India so that the beneficial aspect can be shared by all for an eco-friendly planet.


With the advent of economic reforms there has been a rapid yet concerted move toward deregulation and globalization. India is fast emerging as a major destination for foreign investors, throwing out excellent opportunities for joint ventures and private investment more so in petroleum sectors. Ever growing energy demand, in general, and that of petroleum products, in particular has motivated us to mobilize all resources, including hydrocarbon knowledge based partnership with foreign participators. Assam Petroleum Ltd. can be considered as an ideal platform for fostering mutual co-operation for the development of the region as well as the industry as a whole. It now rests with the concerted effort of Government, people and investors as to how best the benefits can be derived by increasing the volume of crude oil production in the immediate future. The integration of knowledge and skill from renowned National and International organizations will certainly forge a new-order in this direction and Assam Petroleum Limited is only endeavoring towards such a goal.


Assam Petroleum Ltd is currently engaged in activities beyond its traditional area of Oil Field Services. The combination of strengths, assets and experience of both the company’s together strives to go a long way in shaping the policies and strategies of the new Company in taking up challenging opportunity into new area of petroleum like into gas processing and marketing etc. It also plans to acquire new oil concessions either through bidding or on hire.


Form joint venture / consortium with International Organizations of repute in order to gain expertise in specific areas.
To provide operation & maintenance services in the oil sector.
To develop manpower resources having knowledge & skill of oil field operations.
Environment related projects.